Boruca community – 2024 DMC

one day tour BORUCA – TERRABA Bribri Talamanca Difficulty: High Suitable for: all audiences Description: The Borucas are an indigenous group from the South Pacific area, with a rich cultural heritage. They live near the Grande de Terraba River and are a community that has survived thanks to their knowledge of cultivating the land for […]

La Cuchara de la Abuela 2024 – DMC

La Cuchara de la Abuela Guatil Santa Cruz – Guanacaste Description: Guaitil is a small town located on the outskirts of Santa Cruz, the main center of Costa Rican folklore. Costa Rican folklore. In this town, the community maintains the tradition of transforming clay into pottery pots; the whole process is done by hand. Pottery, […]

Juanilama 2024 – Yuca Tour DMC

one day tour JUANILAMA COMMUNITY Pocosol de San Carlos Difficulty: Easy Suitable for: all public. Description: It is located 7 kilometers north of Santa Rosa de Pocosol, in the canton of San Carlos, and you will be welcomed at the association’s ranch, where the entrance to the reserve is located, where you will begin your […]

Yorkin natural adventure 2024 – DMC

one day tour YORKIN NATURAL ADVENTURE Bribri Talamanca Difficulty: High Suitable for: all audiences Description: This is an association made up of eighteen families from Bribri, Talamanca. Its purpose is to procure the conservation of nature and the rescue of its traditions, where visitors have the opportunity to learn ancestral practices in organic agriculture, preparation […]

Jardín Botánico 2024 – DMC

Botanic Garden La Perla en Guácimo – Limón Description: This 3.5-acre botanical garden offers a collection of more than 300 species of national, foreign, and hybrid orchids. In addition to these collections, plants are produced through in vitro (laboratory) culture by a Costa Rican company and one of the first agrotourism companies in Limón, where […]

Finca Eco Orgánica 2024 – DMC

Finca Eco Orgánica Rating:  4/5 San Miguel de Sarapiquí Description: This is a family farm, where their goal is to rescue all the grandparents’ knowledge regarding the cultivation of the land; for that reason, you can learn how the animals help the farm’s soils, which is called a bio factory. Here you will be […]

Quitirrisi indian tour 2024 – DMC

one day tour QUITIRRISÍ INDIAN TRIBE Puriscal Difficulty: Easy Suitable for: all audiences Description: Only 32 kilometers from San José, on the road to Puriscal, is the Indigenous Community of Quitirrisí.GPS Location 9°52’11.22 “N 84°14’13.25 “W. This community still keeps the spirituality and customs of their ancestors. Their activities extended through the Central Valley and […]

Masks of Ciudad Colon – DMC

one day tour MASKS OF CIUDAD COLON Description: Just 20 km west of San José, on the road to Cuidad Colon, is one of the few cradles of traditional Costa Rican masks. During this experience, you will learn about the impressive way these crafts are made, their technique, and their history. The entire process takes […]

Providencia de Dota – 2024 – DMC

ONE DAY TOUR PROVIDENCIA DE DOTA Providencia Difficulty: Easy Description: The community of Providencia de Dota is entered by kilometer 72 on the hill of death, entering the national park Los Quetzales 12 kilometers. Arrival in the community at 9 am, meeting with your local guide at the Flor de Loto Restaurant, who will welcome […]

Organic coffee Tierra Amiga – DMC

ONE DAY TOUR ORGANIC COFFEE San Marcos de Tarrazu Difficulty: Easy Description: It is an ecological and family farm where everything is produced organically. Here you will be welcomed by Lucidia’s family, Minor, and little Ruth, two years old, who is an excellent tour guide, where everyone loves her and wins her heart. This farm […]