It is an ecological and family farm where everything is produced organically. Here you will be welcomed by Lucidia’s family, Minor, and little Ruth, two years old, who is an excellent tour guide, where everyone loves her and wins her heart. This farm where this peasant family lives is a wooden house that is 80 years old and was where Minor was born, and now his daughter is leaving traces just like her father. The objective is to rescue the roots, culture, and traditions of their grandparents, where they grow many of their agricultural products such as chayote, corn, and natural condiments, which are produced and developed with organic fertilizers made by themselves, where they cook on a wood stove as their ancestors did, for example, they cook homemade bread, soups, rice, and others. They also have a small laboratory where they make their organic fertilizers, where Minor will explain the process and how they are used. It is also a coffee farm where coffee is produced organically, where the coffee is dried inside the coffee plantation; the tourist is taught how to pick coffee, roast it in the wood stove like their grandparents and grind it to finish enjoying a delicious coffee. The place where lunch is taken is in a rancho similar to the dining rooms and kitchens of the past since it has a dirt floor with a stove, corn hanging from the trusses of the zinc roof, and is open.

Rates valid until: 30 Nov 2024

  • Net price per person with refreshments $24.00

  • Net price per person with lunch $35.00

  • Children 0 to 5 years old: free, 6 to 11 years old pay 50%.

For cancellations without penalty must be canceled 24 hours before the date. Reservations canceled in less time will have a 100% penalty.


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