Guaitil is a small town located on the outskirts of Santa Cruz, the main center of Costa Rican folklore.

Costa Rican folklore. In this town, the community maintains the tradition of transforming clay into pottery pots; the whole process is done by hand.

Pottery, the whole process is done by hand; these are decorated with the natural colors of the earth pigments, maintaining the
stains of the earth, holding the artisanal process of the pre-Columbian art of the Chorotegas.

In this cultural experience, you will be able to learn the process of clay pots and ceramics, in addition, you will have the option to have the class of you will have the option chance to have a course on preparing the famous and traditional coquilles, tamales, and homemade bread, Guanacaste.

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  •  Cooking class
  • voluntary tipping
  • alcoholic beverages
  • transportation
  • additional meals

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