Get to know Costa Rica while helping to leave a positive footprint on social and environmental projects.

What is volunteering?

It is a one-day or multi-day program aiming to contribute to community development by developing projects to raise awareness among participants of the importance of proper waste management, reforestation, planting, and the environment. Environment, the preservation of values and traditions, among other things, to achieve sustainable development.

In addition to voluntary work, the participant has the opportunity to experience the farming experience and take part in leisure or cultural activities, such as tortilla courses in a wooden kitchen (stove), traditional cooking courses depending on the region, sports afternoons (Jenga), mini rodeo with calves and milking the cow, the night of dance with popular music, the night of gatherings (stories, legends, and stories of the community), the night of serenade with guitar, dinner with typical sandwiches, an afternoon of traditional games, live with the grandparents and hear their stories about their youth. In addition, learn the process of making artisanal cheese or coffee and participate in the farewell party/dinner. Most importantly, connect with this community because if you stay, it would be in family homes, and there you can bond with the family, who you can see as your parents and siblings.

  • Preparation of organic gardens for the families of the community.
  • Construction of an organic garden for the school.
  • Construction of a community kindergarten / garden for selling products in the capital.
  • Preparation of the host gardens for birds and butterflies.
  • Construction of sewage filter beds in households.
  • Monitoring, investigation and maintenance of paths in the various companies.
  • Preparation and implementation of extracurricular educational programs for children and young people.
  • Accommodation with the families of the community.
  • Exclusive space for volunteers.
  • Shared bathroom with the family
  • All meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner).
  • Logistics for carrying out projects

Rates valid until November 30, 2024.

Net price per person per night for each option is 50.00 USD

With the exception of Ostional. Rate on request

On request: volunteering on Isla Chira.

This place belongs to Miramar de Puntarenas, 7 kilometers from the Delta Pump.  It is a small rural parish with a pleasant and cool climate very similar to Monteverde, surrounded by pastures and forests.  Where his main income comes from is making milk, selling cheese and homemade pudding.  It’s a very small community, but the people are amazing and very kind / helpful.

Meeting point Posada Rural Las Orquídeas and who will receive you are Fresy and Juan Carlos.

Juanilama is located 7 kilometers north of Santa Rosa de Pocosol in the canton of San Carlos.  About 100 residents live in this parish, most of whom are dedicated to livestock and milk production and their derivatives.  Aside from farming like pineapples, bananas and tubers given the conditions of the hot and humid climate it usually has.  Within the community is the Juanilama Ecological Reserve, a 25 hectare primary forest that protects an impressive waterfall.

The meeting point at the community ranch in front of the school that will receive it is Sandra.

Municipality in the area of Los Santos, of the Quetzales National Park 12 kilometers, you have the opportunity to walk a little through the park to reach this 100% rural municipality, surrounded by mountains, rivers with completely clean water, and a dairy area. The residents are very authentic and still keep the “pura vida”. Its economic income is from coffee, avocado and blackberry.

Adrián Fonseca will meet you at the Flor de Loto restaurant, who will receive you.

You are in Aguas Zarcas de la Fortuna in Venice.  They are a community with a total of 64 people, they have a school, a college and a sports field.  13 families are involved in the project; they support young people to take part in the activities.  Your income will be from cassava production.

Meet in the community hall that welcomes you to Mauricio.

The Ostional Wildlife Refuge is a 200-meter-long stretch of beach and the second most important nesting site for turtles in Costa Rica.  This refuge not only protects the millions of turtles that nest annually, but also cares for and protects the wildlife and birds in the area.  Perfect place for people who love to support and defend wildlife with turtles. The meeting point at the Las Arribadas Hostel, who will receive you, is Wendy.

This community is located in Chira Island where their economic income is fishing and the entrance to the community would be by boat, where they must arrive at Costa de Pajaros. The price would be low since it should include the transfer of the boat and within the community and it is recommended that the volunteer is a minimum of 5 nights. Lodging would be at the Posada Rural La Amistad.


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