It is a community composed for around 200 inhabitants which offers a cozy, authentic and familiar atmosphere. The main source of income are the products produce from the dairy such as cheese and sour cream that they sell at the farmers market.

Community Details

Zapotal is located at the highlands of the Puntarenas province, a small community with chilly weather and surrounded by pastures and forests. Part of the community decided to try their luck into the tourism industry by sharing their daily life with travelers and offering lodging into their houses at first and then by an ONG donation they built the Posada Las Orquideas.

Lodging Available in town:

  • Posada Rural Las Orquideas
  • Homestay: A family atmosphere where you will be treated as a member of the family. You will have a private room and share the bathroom with your host family.


Experiences Available

Bird watching tour

Because of the altitude Zapotal it is a great place to look for birds, like the Scarlet-thighed Dacnis, known for its beautiful colors. The hike will be around 4 hours with a local guide.

Jabonal Waterfall

It is a walk that lasts approximately 1 hour from the center of the community. The hike takes place inside the mountain visiting primary and secondary forests and along the river Jabonal. You will also have the opportunity to visit the oldest bridge of the community, which is more than 100 years old, its construction was made for the passage of the oxcart and served as a communication between San Ramón and Miramar.The waterfall measures 20 meters approximately.

Dairy Experience

You will have the opportunity to experience first-hand a traditional milking and feed the animals.

Sustainable Farm Experience

An ecological farm where everything is produced organically. You can learn and appreciate the process of waste water purification. They have a biodigester which receives all animals poop and produces methane to be used in other areas of the farm. Visit the organic and medicinal plants garden.

Tour del trapiche con huerta orgánica

This is an all-day experience since the traveler will start knowing the sugar cane plantation, the cutting process, how to choose it and take it to the 100 years old sugar mill in an oxcart. You will learn to fire up the pot, make sugar cane juice and make the tapas de dulce.

Cooking Lessons

You will have the chance to learn the entire process of typical costarican dishes from start to end.


Is an option available at this community, projects may vary depending on village needs.

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