Juanilama is located 7 kilometers north of Santa Rosa de Pocosol, in the Canton of San Carlos. This community has about 100 inhabitants, mostly dedicated to livestock and milk production and its derivatives. In addition to agriculture such as pineapple, bananas and tubers, given the conditions of hot and humid climate that normally has.

Community Details

Within the community is the Juanilama Ecological Reserve, a primary forest of 25 hectares that protects an impressive waterfall. This reserve is bounded on the northeast by the Pocosol River and is also crossed by the Quebrada La Leona, with the majestic waterfall of the same name; giving humid characteristics ideal for abundant trees and fauna, this reserve is protected by its inhabitants in agreement with the MINAET since it belongs to the National System of Protected Areas of Costa Rica


Lodging Available in town:

  • Homestay: A family atmosphere where you will be treated as a member of the family. You will have a private room and share the bathroom with your host family.
Experiences Available

Farmer´s Tour

We want our visitor to get involved in all possible processes with their own hands, from the journey through different trees where they can pick and taste fruits of our tropics, to the experience of harvesting tubers such as yucca and taro, or cut bananas and sugarcane, as you learn from the production of pineapple.

Reserve Hike & La Leona Waterfall

The hike consists of 2 kilometers of intermediate difficulty natural paths, allowing the visitor to reach the foot of the La Leona Waterfall. You will have the chance to swim in crystal clear waters. During the whole walk, a local guide offers information about the existing flora and fauna.

Dry Nature Workshop

This activity is for all ages, using as an artistic way the sustainable practice of reuse, with one of our housewives who applies their creativity making crafts from natural waste such as leaves and dried petals, branches, wool of the trees, eggshells, seeds, sawdust, etc. With the aim of learning to make cards and pictures.

Milking & Cheese Experience

The guide, a traditional milkman, starts the tour by offering a historical overview of the area, the production of milk and its derivatives, the crossing of breeds of cows to obtain the best quality and quantity of milk possible and a visit to the corral to show how and with what products the cattle are fed.

Then, the visitor himself can bring the animals of the repasto and with the help of the guide proceed to prepare them for manual milking and then have the opportunity to feed the calves.

Finishing the tour where tourists can participate in the process of handling milk and how to produce cheeses (hearts of palm, tender, semi-hard, etc.) and other dairy products such as sour cream and yogurt.

Night Hike

It starts around 8pm with a slow and tranquil tour through the entrance of the reserve and at the edge of the stream, since during the night many amphibians, insects and some mammals feed there.

This is a meticulous observation tour, so we keep groups small. In this way you have a better opportunity to appreciate the nightlife of a humid tropical forest.

Handcraft Workshop, artisan soap & recycling lessons

An interesting and practical way to convert common waste such as paper, cans and plastic bottles into handcrafts or usable utensils with Doña Elena who will be your teacher.

You will also learn to make handmade soap, use your creativity to make figures and choose the smell you prefer according to your taste.

Cooking Lessons

Meet with the community housewives, the true teachers of traditional costarican cooking. Around a wood stove used for all kinds of cooking, the participants prepare themselves the most typical dishes of the grandmothers like picadillos, prestiños, tortillas, barbudos and enyucados.

Dancing Lessons

You will learn to dance Latin music such as salsa, cumbia with Eli, our dancing expert.


Is an option available at this community, projects may vary depending on village needs.

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