It is one of the most important and largest archaeological areas that has been discovered in the country. Protects archaeological structures such as roads, mounds, bridges, catchment tanks and aqueducts among others. In addition, it protects patches of high evergreen forests typical of the premontane rain forest.

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Guayabo National Monument is located in the Turrialba area. It is the only Protected Wild Area in Costa Rica under that category of management. It was established to protect and conserve one of the most important archaeological site of the country. Approximately 20 hectares of the protected area comprise the archaeological site, which consists of a set of pre-Hispanic architectural structures made of stones, several monoliths, roadway, aqueduct, among others.

Guayabo has been designated a World Heritage Site by the Civil Engineers, in which the importance of the site is recognized by the construction techniques of several of its structures that continue to function to this day.

In addition to learning about the construction, history and findings we will have the possibility to know the premontane rain forest in which it was built.

While it is true in Costa Rica we did not have a great empire like the Inca, Maya or Azteca we had an important pre-Columbian development, trade and culture that is worth knowing. Embark on this trip through our history from the hand of our local guide specialized in archeology.


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