The Borucas are known for their uniquely crafted and hand-painted wooden masks—but the identity of Boruca is found beyond the mask.

But behind the mask there is a community built on rich and unequalled customs, foods, festivals, traditions and more.



Daily life in Boruca reflects a self- sustaining agricultural village, but one where the majority of the economy is supported by artisan crafts and ecotourism.

You will get to know Margarita, the visionary of the community, she will share part of their history. Then you continue to learn and do your own carved wooden mask and help in the process of weaving. Boruca has a long tradition of hand-dying threads from naturally found colors from sources including leaves of the sangrilla tree, bark of the carbonero tree, clay, indigo plants and occasionally the ink of a mollusk. After spinning thread from locally-grown cotton, they use a loom to weave the thread into handbags, wall hangings, coin purses and more.


  • Mask and weaving experience
  • Guide
  • Lunch

Not Included

  • Tips

What to Bring?

  • Sunscreen
  • Hiking Shoes
  • Confortable Clothes
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