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Alma 5


At Alma 5 you will have the chance to meet a welcoming rural family, check the high altitud fruit plantations, enjoy breathtaking views and taste all the fruits you want.

Chira Island

The three towns of Isla Chira have a population of approximately 3,000 villagers involved in fishing, salt extraction and agriculture. This is the most populated island in Costa Rica.


Finca Agroecológica El Tablazo’s main motivation is the conservation and protection of natural resources, through sustainable agricultural practices and the implementation of integrated ecological systems.

The main interest is to publicize these activities and disseminate their experiences, with the aim of highlighting their importance and the indispensable role they play in maintaining a healthy and balanced environment.

Coffee Experience

The Golden Bean, as it is known in Costa Rica, was of great importance for the economic and social development of the country in the nineteenth century.

Our Coffee Experience gives you the complete picture of where your caffeine comes from, starting from picking the coffee from the plant (when in season from November to March), checking the process of peeling, drying, toasting and tasting the coffee at the end. An interesting journey from start to the end!

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